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Luzern Laboratories

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For almost 20 years Luzern has been transforming the world of beauty for the better. In 1999 FDV Crème Luxe was launched in a small Madison avenue spa. It has since become the world's most iconic clean beauty crème. The launch was small, but it reflected Luzern's core values and belief that luxury skin care should be both clean and deliver significant results. Today Luzern can be found in the world's finest spas and resorts, providing high-touch and transformative treatments to tens of thousands of clients each year.

Our spa heritage has been a tremendous honor, and our greatest inspiration has been working closely with master estheticians, maintaining an “open formulating” policy that allow us to develop skincare treatments that cater to the needs of each individual, while making formulating advances in an ever progressing field. We thank you for choosing Luzern and we look forward to welcoming you to a better world of beauty.