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HUM Nutrition

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Blending proprietary formulations with pure ingredients, HUM Nutrition provides solutions to your most pressing skin, body and lifestyle concerns. Fully natural, non-GMO sustainably sourced, gluten-free and scientifically proven to get results, these supplements tackle a variety of concerns from fine lines, breakouts and uneven skin tone to unwanted weight gain, digestive issues, stress and fatigue.

Combining the best of science with the best of nutrition, HUM supplements identify the micro-nutrients your body needs in order to restore balance. With the support of clinical studies, double-blind placebo trials and experiential research, the ingredients in HUM formulas are rigorously selected to optimize results and ensure the greatest benefits. After all, beauty starts from within. Founder Walter Faulstroh struggled with breakouts. He tried topical treatments and prescription drugs, but nothing helped, his blemishes always returned.

Believing skin care to be related to nutrition, he sought out London's most forward-thinking nutritionists in an effort to clear his skin once and for all. Finally seeing results, Walter decided to share his findings and paired with partner Chris to develop HUM Nutrition, a line of sustainably sourced supplements.