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Advanced Skin Technology

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The power of retinol is one of the worst kept secrets in skin care. This highly potent form of vitamin A speeds up your skin's exfoliating process to push out dead skin cells and reveal fresh, youthful ones underneath. Thankfully, Advanced Skin Technology has harnessed the power of this super ingredient and infused retinol into its revolutionary line of products. With over 30 years of experience, New Orleans-based dermatologist and founder Dr. Nia Terezakis discovered the perfect combination of scientifically- proven ingredients and innovative delivery technologies to create an encompassing line that targets acne, premature aging and skin dehydration. Patients started referring to the brand's most popular anti-ager as the "green cream" so frequently that it was simply adopted as the treatment's official title. The Green Cream is Advanced Skin Technology's champion formula.

With one of the most potent concentrations of retinol in the world, this product has become a clinical standard to address issues from fine lines and wrinkles to dull-looking skin. Its unique formulation is available in three different concentrations to allow your skin to build up a resiliency over time. Most start at the level 6 option, but those with sensitive skin will want to begin with level 3. This collection of formulas embodies the "cosmo-ceutical" concept of skin care with beautifying results with a line of meaningful products and treatments that can impact the customer's overall health. Its body moisturizer and acne gel round out the collection to give you beautiful-looking skin everywhere, day after day.